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Welcome to the North Carolina Green Party 

The North Carolina Green Party is alive and growing. Active locals exist in
Charlotte, Buncombe County (Asheville area),and the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill). Our newest chapter, the Cape Fear Greens, is serving the Wilmington area

In our effort to elect Green candidates to public office, gain ballot access and promote grassroots, non-violent and socially just causes across the state, the NCGP adheres to the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States. Right now the Green Party is revitalizing our planet and our democracy without the corrupting influence of corporate and PAC money.

Why the Affordable Care Act is Not the Solution

A health care system organized through private insurance companies does not produce the outcomes  its free-market proponents are so eager to claim. The AMA report Health Care Trends 2010–12 incorporates research that looked at health outcomes within the United States and compared U.S. health outcomes and costs with other developed countries...[More]

NCGP Passes Resolution on Edward Snowden & NSA Spying 

A Thank You Message from the Historic Michael Zytkow Campaign

I would like to thank everyone for supporting my campaign. We made a historic accomplishment by becoming the first Independent campaign to ever qualify for the ballot for Charlotte City Council. We also received a third of the vote, making our race the closest district race in 12 years. We brought attention to issues that have been neglected for too long. Most importantly, we are building a movement, showing what a strong group of dedicated individuals can do. [More]

NCGP Reacts to the SCOTUS Ruling on the Voting Rights Act

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RALEIGH, NC--The Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Shelby County v. Holder struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. Greens predict this will exacerbate the ongoing and unjust attacks on voters in North Carolina where politicians have a record of changing the rules in order to limit voting access. The NCGP reminds voters that both redistricting and Voter ID laws can be tactics to suppress the votes of African Americans, the elderly, students, and people in poverty, and to prevent them from being able to elect representatives they believe will advocate for them.  Therefore, members of the NCGP call on legislators to enact legislation that restores the voter protections that were afforded by the full Voting Rights Act. They also call on North Carolina voters to put the pressure on until we restore the law, and contact their representatives regarding Voter I.D. legislation that is now in committee.

George Friday, Media Coordinator,
Wayne Turner, Media Coordinator,

Tuition Equality for all NC High School Graduates, Regardless of Immigration Status
Green Party joins Let's Learn NC to support tuition equality for all.

The Let's Learn NC coalition has initiated a campaign for tuition equality for all North Carolina High School graduates.This is a campaign about fairness, opportunity and equal access to education. The coalition is working for equla college tuition for ALL North Carolina students, because higher education should be equally accessible to all state residents. Currently, undocumented students are charged out-of-state tuition—which is four times higher than in-state tuition—even if they meet all the other residency requirements as other students. [More]

Register Green, Vote Green?
Help us get the Green Party on the Ballot in NC

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's campaign broke records for the Green Party from coast to coast in 2012-- but she was not on the ballot in North Carolina! You can't register Green, you can't vote Green. It's time to get riled up about that, and then get it fixed.

The country needs the Green Party to be a viable alternative, as progressive and independent voters have nowhere to turn in this bought-and-paid-for electoral landscape. If we don't step into this breach NOW, we will lose the moment forever. Climate change, our eroding rights, our collapsing economy will not wait for us to find the time to do the work.

We've done about all we can do to get fair ballot access rules in this state -- now it's time to do it the long way. We have to get all those petition signatures, and we have to raise the funds to support that petitioning campaign. There can hardly be a more pressing priority for Green Party members.

We are a small group in this state, and none of us have the time, energy or wherewithal to make this happen. No core group of activists is going to go out and do this on your behalf. If you do not pull your share of the load, we will not get there. It is only doable if everyone does it. That means you. You have to make a commitment.

I plan to be in touch with each one of you individually to discuss how you can be a part of this campaign. All of our circumstances are different, but all of us are committed to the same goal -- as Rosa Clemente said, "The Green Party is no longer the Alternative, the Green Party is the Imperative."

Jan Martell
Ballot Access Coordinator  

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Help Greens Keep Fracking Out of NC
Join the Green Party to keep Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) out of our state. Fracking is a dangerous method of extracting natural gas. Millions of gallons of water, sand, and toxic chemicals are injected underground to break up shale rock and release the gas. Fracking has been banned in NC since 1945 but the General Assembly is poised to overturn the laws that make it illegal this Spring! [More]

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